Book review: Soul Fuel

Soul Fuel

A Daily Devotional book written by Bear Grylls

Reviewed by Derek Everett

Do not be put off!  If you think Bear Grylls is only for adventurous types under the age of 30, after all he is well known for his adventures and is presently the Chief Scout, then think again!

I found this devotional ideal for all ages and persons who want to follow Christ.  The advantage is that the devotions are numbered and not dated, so can be started at any time.  It is split into sections dealing with such subjects as Hope, Faithfulness, Wisdom and Courage.  

Soul Fuel covers a full year of devotions that pick up on Bear’s testimony and travels.  From his free-fall parachute accident that left him with a broken back, to his near-death experience in a storm off the coast of Greenland, Bear shows how every feat of adventure is grounded in his Christian Faith.

In a series of daily readings, he shows us how we can face each day with Peace, Purpose and Power.

He writes,

"Any strength I have tends to come from the quiet moments at the start of my day, when I am on my own, taking time to be still before God. Starting like this really helps. It is like food - and good fuel for the soul."

This would make an Ideal present, especially for a teenage boy or those, like me, who still think they are that age!

The book:  ISBN 978-1-529-38706-3 is published by Hodder and Stoughton and available online. I recommend (Christian Bookshop).