To Romania with love

To Romania with love

For many years now, Tayside Christian Fellowship (TCF) and a number of its members have been developing strong bonds with Romanian believers both at home and in Romania.

TCF has been successful in outreach especially to Romanian nationals who come to our area for fruit-picking and other agricultural work each year.   We have a number of Romanians resident in Perthshire regularly joining in our services and also up to a further 50 residents have set up their own fellowship using our church at different times a week, when Covid regulations allow.

Last month we were delighted to receive a letter from Paul and Sue who have been doing God’s work throughout Romania for 25 years now.  They wanted to thank TCF for its recent financial gift – a practical expression of Christian love and fellowship – and to keep us up to date with their news and prayer requests.

“At the time of writing, Romania continues to be in the international ‘red zone’ and the capital, Bucharest is the main centre for new Covid cases.  Assemblies have been able to gather together since the end of May.  Singing is permitted, social distancing measures are in place which has been a problem for some 700+ autonomous assemblies that are numerically large.”

In their time, Paul and Sue have seen significant changes in Romania – politically, socially, economically and spiritually.  However, “like David in the Old Testament times, we are also called to serve our generation” and so their current aim to expand gospel work, particularly in north east Romania, continues apace.

We give thanks to the Lord that despite restrictions last year, gospel tents were erected in 44 places in 9 counties throughout Romania and our preparations have already started for the summer tent work for this year.

“In December, over a 100,000 Romanian 2021 calendars were distributed in towns and cities in different regions across Romania, together with prints of gospel texts which had been prepared over the lockdown period.

“Sue continues checking the translation of the Precious Seed book on the Old Testament which will eventually be printed in two volumes.  In the meantime, the Precious Seed book on the New Testament and Christianity in Action by Clark Logan of Botswana are both in great demand, being well received by believers.

“Your continuing prayers are requested specifically for our summer tent work and safe travel and the Lord’s help in a series of ministry meetings, weekly and monthly intensive Bible studies, including virtual meetings with Romanian speaking assemblies living in Italy, and regular visits to numerous assemblies in Romania.” 

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash