Lockdown is not all bad!

Lockdown is not all bad!

Who knew?  Apparently, these Tayside Christian Fellowship (TCF) members have reasons to look back at months and months of lockdown with a sense of achievement either testing their skills, learning new ones or breaking records.  We thank them for sharing their stories with us.

Michael Allnutt

“I have just this minute finished typing up Revelation 7-9 of the Tyndale translation for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the first English translation of the Bible.

“It is so interesting to be involved with this work, which I do as a member of MissionAssist.  This is part of the Wycliffe family of mission organisations and used to be called Wycliffe Associates, growing out of the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

“It is a virtual community of around 700 members who assist with the background work of bible translation in various ways.  I am a keyboarder with WEBBS and so receive various scriptures and other related text to type up in a particular way so that it can be used for Bible use across the world.   A lot of scripture is held in paper form and these days needs to be digitised for mobile phone use etc.  Optical Character Recognition is still not accurate enough and so ‘the willing’ type away at home.

“The good news is that the pandemic has restricted our lives so much we have just recorded our best year by completing 44 projects (the next best being 32 in 2007), and because of a consultation and then publicity of the work by MissionAssist, Wycliffe and the Bible Society, two extra teams of keyboarders have been recruited during the year, so more is now possible.

“This year, as well as the Tyndale, I have worked on the only gospel in Sicilian, a Welsh Psalter for historical use and the Mozambiquan language XiPatsu. No, I don’t have to learn the languages! Just be accurate at typing whichever is in front of me. I get sent a pdf of the text and, using specifically written software, type it up and return the files electronically. It’s easy, honest. You could while away lockdown by joining MissionAssist.”

Find out more about MissionAssist – serving world mission from home at missionassist.org.uk.

Gordon Finnie

“Although I had started this campervan conversion just before the first lockdown in March took over, I found the subsequent months were a great time to complete the project, especially during the super spring weather we enjoyed. 

“It also meant I could spend so much uninterrupted time (which was necessary) without “feeling too guilty”.  It occupied my time which would have been difficult to fill for such a long period.  There’s only so much gardening and walking close to home that you can do!

“Fortunately, the couriers were still operating as there was a large amount of equipment and bits and pieces that had to be purchased to carry out such a conversion.  I was able to do the complete project and the only task that I had done professionally was the exterior van graphics.  My wife, Eunice, did the seat and bed upholstery.

“I got a great deal of satisfaction in doing this project and the climax was that Eunice and I were able to do the NC500 in late September (and everything worked!!)  This is Scotland’s answer to Route66 in USA.  It is A 500 mile road trip from Inverness right up to John o Groats, right along the top and down the west coast and then back to Inverness.  It was a awesome trip with stunning scenery. 

“I must say, the conversion was not for the fainthearted and I was at my skill limits on a number of occasions, but I am so glad I did it nonetheless. 

“The attached photos show the start and finish but not the hard graft in between!”

Nigel Howarth

I currently “meet” via Zoom with one or two others from Perth Baptist Church to discuss photography once a week.  

During normal times we would have met at the church once a month, but we now get together on Zoom to discuss a topic and our response to a subject theme such as landscape photography or portraiture or post-photographic processing. 

The group is led by a keen photographer who sets up the Zoom meetings and arranges themes and challenges for us to produce photographs for the next meeting.  It all works well, and efforts have been made to try to expand the group – so far with limited success.

Now that sounds like an invitation Nigel!  Anyone interested can contact us through the website and we will pass on your details to Nigel.

We are always on the lookout for more stories, so please send us your stories about beating the lockdown blues or ideas for features.  

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash