Easter – the perfect time to reflect

Easter – the Perfect Time to Reflect


Worship is not about the songs that we sing,

But our hearts connecting with the King.

Made open for every believer by Jesus our Lord,

Who cleanses us from sin and makes us one accord,


Peace, joy and assurance He has given so freely,

Faith, hope, rest are found in the one we hold so dearly.

Stand firm my friends in the faith we possess,

Searching scripture for the truths that bless.


Come now let’s remember the cross of Christ,

That great moment God’s sacrifice.

His son, his only son, for you and me,

To have freedom from sin eternally.


Would you give your child for one who was good?

No never!  The cost God gave cannot be understood.

It is the gift of God, God’s great grace,

That makes the way for our dying race.


Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision,

Oh, so ignorant to their condition.

Enroute to face the wrath of God,

Blinded to see the devil’s fraud.


Let’s not be lazy in doing our bit,

Praying, fasting, preaching, are you ready to submit?

Giving your time to one great cause,

Your prize will be in heaven, so don’t look for mans’ applause.



Written by Janey Mukomba, Mwana Ministeries, Zambia