Mwana 1

“If only we may reach every child in Zambia – 

this is what drives us!”

At Tayside Christian Fellowship we are so fortunate to have such close links with the work of Janey, a missionary from Scotland and Evans, a children’s worker and teacher from Zambia.  Together, their faith sustains every day, their driving ambition to reach every child in Zambia  

The like-minded couple met through their work, married and now raise their two beautiful children, Daniel and Kimberley, while they also manage and coordinate the day-to-day operations of Mwana Ministries, which they both founded and registered as a Scottish charity in May 2011.

On our website we plan to learn more about this ministry with regular updates during the year.  In this, the first of the series, Janey starts by explaining where they can be found and how they settled on the name of the charity:

Janey and Evans joined in the centre by two of their volunteers

Mwana Ministries is based in Lusaka the capital of Zambia.  Mwana means child in Bemba and several other African languages. 

Sadly, poverty grips the nation of Zambia and children grow up with hopelessness on the streets where they play. Alongside poverty is injustice, sickness, sin, ignorance and death. 

Hope is only found in the word of God! Only by receiving Jesus and living out the truth of the word can people be delivered from the poverty and injustice. Believers lives and whole families are transformed out of poverty when they are taught about working hard, using their hands, tithing, and giving and seeking God’s kingdom. Freedom comes through salvation and discipleship. 

The word of God is what we seek to preach to the children, that they may hear, respond with faith, and be saved. If only we may reach every child in Zambia – this is what drives us!

The only way to reach the masses is with the use of media, so we produce television programmes. We call the work Mwana Media. Tommy Time is the main programme we produce, it is a puppet show that presents stories to the children with life changing messages. We are currently working on our fifth series and hope it will be finished this year. 

Alongside our media work, we also reach children through after school clubs. Running in three compounds we are normally reaching about 1,000 children every week. Unfortunately, this has been hindered since the start of the covid restrictions. 

At present we are working towards opening after-school clubs within schools. It will involve smaller teams of volunteers going to the schools with a small PA system, puppets, puppet stage, recorded puppet skits and music. 

This is an all-new direction for us, but we are excited at how the Lord is leading us. Please pray for us as we overcome some obstacles to opening these new clubs in schools. We hope that over the next 6 months we will be able to establish the clubs in more than 8 schools. 

Finally, we also run Mwana Action. Mwana Action seeks to help the orphaned and vulnerable children in school with an education. We currently have four children in Zimbabwe who we support, seven children in Zambia and, one young man in university.  Although it is just a drop in the ocean, we know that we are changing lives and helping to alleviate poverty in families.   

Jesus said “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me. He has sent me to preach good news to the poor” Luke 4:18.  That same spirit is on us, his children, to preach the good news. We see the power of his spirit at work in all we do.  It is such a privilege to be working full time for the Lord.  Please continue to pray that the Lord will lead us in his ways, and that all the glory and honour will go to Him.