Book review: Moments with the Savior

Written by Ken Gire
Published by Zondervan

Book Review by Grace Williams

I have been asked to review this book called Moments with the Savior by Ken Gire, which he published in 1998. 

I first heard about this book when it was mentioned during one of our services and was described as very useful for many occasions in everyday life.

The book has 65 moments with the savior – InsightfulIntimateIntenseInstructive, and Incredible.  Each one spotlighting a moment with Jesus’ life and those who were affected by Him.

The book is one which can be picked up, on any given day or time, to find a moment of reflection.  Each part gives the reader a passage from the Bible, a meditation on that passage and a prayer.

Another good thing about this book is it is easy to find an appropriate text easily relatable to one’s own life experiences and gives deeper understanding to different situations.

You could do 1 each day or just lift it, as and when you want to.

The book begins with an Insightful Moment under a tree – Matthew’s outlining of Jesus’ genealogy through many moments with the gospel stories to the ascension taken from Acts 1 – 3:11. 

A few highlights are taken on Insightful Moment in the Genealogy of Jesus, just as most people trace their family tree, this is useful in tracing back to Adam.

In another Insightful Moment it concentrates on the Sermon on the Mount; from where we get the Beatitudes.  

In another Intimate Moment Jesus’ Mother is at the cross as Jesus dies.  She remembers Jesus’ life and Simeon’s words to her when she and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple for the first time.   This passage is from John 19: 15 – 27 where Jesus gives Mary to John, “Here is your son and to the disciple, Here is your Mother”.  From this time John took her into his home.

Those are only a few examples of ‘Moments’.

I was surprised at the size when it arrived.  It is quite small, probably 6” x 4”, but it is easy to hold, and it has very clear print. 

I was pleased with the quality; it has a nice feel to it and it is easy to read.   It has a lovely cover, mostly blue which just happens to be my favourite colour. It also has a ribbon to put in between the pages – a pet hate of mine is corners of books being bent over.

A book for any day, mood, or moment and suitable to sit on the coffee table.

Cover photo (top) by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


Article published 30th September 2021