All the way from Africa – Something for the little ones

Before your little ones start viewing Tommy Time, Janey Mukomba explains the background to this very popular children’s TV programme: 

Tommy Time is one of Mwana Ministries main projects.  The 25-minute television programme includes a short story from the life of Tommy (the main character), a puppet sing-along, Bingo our cartoon character dancing with children, a short teaching from the presenter and a final puppet song that teaches positive Christian living.    

The stories and teaching are modelled to focus on the reality of situations that are faced by different children in Africa.  This includes addressing issues of moral behaviour, values, self-identity, health issues and, most importantly, teaching Jesus Christ as a personal saviour. 

The programme is produced by a team of volunteers, mostly Zambian youth.  Each puppet requires two people to manipulate, and multiple takes are needed to ensure the puppets are lifelike and the camera has captured the action.   The filming is divided up into segments, filming all the kitchen scenes for the 13 episodes, then all the bedroom scenes, and so on.  From pre-production to production to post production, the process takes more than one year.  

Tommy Time is broadcast freely by the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation, over the whole nation.  The station does not accurately record the number of viewers per programme, but what we do know, is Zambia has a population of 19 million people! 

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Cover photo by Maasai Magic on Unsplash 


Article published 29th October 2021