Book review: Is Christmas Unbelievable?

Written by Rebecca McLaughlin

Reviewed by Mary Howgate

This is a small book, only 63 pages long, but a big book in its contents – so much is packed into its pages.

Four questions are asked with a chapter devoted to each question:

  • Was Jesus even a real person?
  • Can we take the Gospels seriously?
  • How can you believe in a Virgin Birth?
  • Why does it matter?

Each chapter unpicks what a doubter or sceptic may understand, or not, about Jesus, the Virgin Birth, the Gospels and more. 

Throughout each chapter there are many Bible references, as well as references from historical writers from the time of Jesus and before.  The source of these references is all at the back of the book.

As you read the introduction on page 7, you may think this book is not for you as it starts with descriptions from an episode of Doctor Who!  Read on, it moves quite quickly into more serious matters which are full of Biblical and historical facts.  The Doctor Who reference helps in the argument.

The book, for all its smallness, is a serious read.  It is not a book to be flicked through.  Each of the four questions are clearly answered.

The last two pages, 58 and 59, bring all the information together in a clear Gospel message.  The title of the book is “Is Christmas Unbelievable?”.  The answer by the end of the book is “No – the real Christmas is very believable”.

“Is Christmas Unbelievable?”

“No – the real Christmas is very believable”.

Header photo by Kieran White on Unsplash

Article published 2nd December 2021