Looking Back At 2021! (Part 3)

Make Mine a Double!


As a follower of St Johnstone FC, 2021 has been a tremendously successful year winning both the League and Scottish Cups, and playing four games in European competition.

Admittedly finishing the year bottom of the league takes some gloss off the euphoria, but such success is unprecedented and unlikely to be repeated, so to be enjoyed whilst it lasts.

The transitory nature of sporting success contrasts sharply with the sure hope of heaven we enjoy in Christ.  If you ever were to head for a game at McDiarmid Park the outcome is entirely unpredictable, whereas with faith in the Lord Jesus victory is assured.

Further Reflections on COP26


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Once upon a time two dinosaurs were talking, the one said to the other, “Did you hear about the large bang?’  The other replied “Yes, but it was far away and won’t affect us here in Africa” so they carried on as usual.  Look what happened to the dinosaurs!

Zephaniah foretold the people of his time that the end of their world was near Ch. 1 vs 4, and it came about that the Babylonian people swept through Judah and laid waste to Jerusalem.

In the world in which we live drought, famine, fire, and flood are all too common and yet world leaders made plans for 10 – 15, even 20 years, in advance.

Can you imagine if the River Tay was to rise by 3 to 4 metres in the next 20 years how much of the city centre would be left?

Climate change is HAPPENING NOW – it probably has been happening for a long time but is only now really showing up.   As individuals we can make little changes if we think about it, but large changes must be made even if it means putting the planet before profit – Haggai Ch. 1 vs 7 “Consider your ways saith the Lord”.  A message to all involved in COP26.

To Give or Receive – That is the Question!


A lot of negativities often surrounds sports people and the sometimes-obscene monies they seem to earn or command.  Whether we agree with this or not, I personally think the onus on these people is how they use their finances.  There will be some who think that by massing huge wealth they will be sorted for life thank you very much!

But there are others who understand that it is not about themselves and give of their time and substance to others.  One such person, especially in 2021, is footballer Marcus Rashford who has realised that giving back and at the same time helping to promote injustice which he himself experienced, is a worthwhile cause and maybe finds more satisfying than football!

There are similarities in this situation for me in the Bible.

Firstly, it is God who oversees each and every personal circumstance, to some he gives much, others He gives as we need.  But God also places on every person the responsibility to look after that which He has given us.

As a youth I often looked forward to seeing what I would get at Christmas.  Now as someone a little wiser and certainly much older, I really get so much more out of giving than receiving. Let’s remember all that Jesus gave of His riches and glory of heaven but out of love for others gave Himself that we might be eternally rich!

Feature Image Photo by Tarryn Myburgh on Unsplash