Can you help? Appeal for prayer, practical and/or financial support

TCF members are involved in so much good work in and around Perthshire.  Many of us only heard for the first time about Joan Cotsford’s involvement with the Compass Christian Centre because of the recent storms in Scotland.  We felt her recent appeal in church needed to reach a wider audience and so we invited her to share her appeal on our website.

“I have been involved since I was a child, visiting and staying as a guest, then volunteering, then staff team, then on the Board of Trustees.  It’s truly an amazing place which has tangible sense of God’s presence, undoubtedly my involvement has shaped and grown my faith.

Compass Christian Centre is a residential outdoor centre one hour north of Perth in the beautiful valley of Glenshee.

The old hunting lodge was leased, then bought and transformed first into a ski club base with the aim of sharing the Good News of Jesus with skiers, and later as a year-round residential activity centre, offering new facilities and exciting outdoor pursuits with the comforts of a Christian family home.

55 years later and we are preparing to have the first residential group since the pandemic.  2020 and 2021 have been challenging for the Centre and I’d ask you to consider if you can help in the following ways:


  • Give thanks for God’s incredible provision and protection during the last two years.
  • For the staff Nigel, Robyn and Heather who have lived and worked onsite for 2 long years with no guests. 
  • For the recruitment of new staff for the reopening of the Centre in April.

Financial support

  • The Centre operates on a not-for-profit basis and tries to keep its prices accessible for all. The running costs are met mainly from the income from guest groups, supplemented by donations.  Regular or one-off gifts are gratefully received.


  • Volunteer help of all sorts (gardening, cleaning, maintenance, and more) is very much appreciated, especially following the recent storms.  More information can be found on our website.”

Images provided by Joan Cotsford

Published February 2022