Book Review: The Servant Queen and the King she serves

written by Catherine Butcher and Mark Greene

Following the death in September of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II much was made of her constant sense of duty and her devotion to God. 

The Servant Queen and the King she Serves, written at the time to mark Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, tells how her faith was key in everything she said and did from her accession to the throne right up to her final days.

Quoted in this book:

The Queen’s life of service and the way she talked openly about Jesus is inspiring.

The Queen’s faith makes a noticeable difference to her everyday life.

It’s difficult to imagine a time when a person’s faith has been so publicly and frequently discussed in the world’s mainstream media.  This book, with 70 pages beautifully illustrated, will not disappoint anyone who wants to know more about The Servant Queen and the King she Serves.

Article published September 30th 2022

Header photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash