Stepping into 2023 -

Encouragement from Sir Brian Souter

As we go into 2023 with all its uncertainties it could be easy to be discouraged.   The economic situation looks challenging for so many people and the political landscape is equally depressing with the gender recognition bill passed and assisted suicide and conversion therapy legislation on the horizon, all of which are at odds with our biblical view of the world. 

Perhaps even worse however is the feelings of despair and the lack of hope pervading the lives of so many and surely the message of the gospel is more needed than ever. 

On the positives, I really believe there is a new openness from many to consider the claims of Christ with many new people at church and friendship evangelism programs like alpha continuing to flourish. 

The great danger for the church is that we develop a remnant mentality and associated theology.  This is very apparent in the established churches where evangelical ministers find themselves isolated and under pressure – but we need to remind ourselves that God is still on the throne and our king, Jesus wins in the end.

We are reminded in scripture that “I am the lord I change not” and that “yesterday today forever Jesus is the same”.   In this fast changing world we find security and stability in Christ and he is walking with us on the journey.   The disciples who walked to Emmaeus with Jesus said “did not our hearts burn within us as we walked with him” and so my prayer is that as we walk with Jesus through a difficult 2023 so our hearts will also burn with the amazing presence of the risen Lord.

Header photo by Yusuf Evli on Unsplash

Published 26 Jan 2023