Summer Book Review By Mike Alnutt


written by author Les Cowan

Having tackled people-trafficking and prostitution, terrorism, paedophilia, and drug culture in his previous four books featuring Edinburgh-based pastor David Hidalgo there is no surprise, given the title, that the newest novel in the series is about money laundering and political corruption.

The celebration of 25 years for the church in a warehouse in Madrid that David used to lead before his Spanish wife was killed and he sought solace in Edinburgh, gives him and his new wife the opportunity to visit Spain for a weekend. 

He meets a host of old friends and has to hobnob with officialdom too.  A mistaken switching of briefcases leads to a hairy police chase and a lot of dodging of dodgy authorities as loyalties are tested and integrity put under pressure.  Inter-denominational relationships are opened up in the pressure of the situation that unfolds and shown to be surmountable where Jesus is honoured. 

There are enough flaws in the protagonists to avoid an unrealistic tone to the tale.  His own parents feature too and long-standing issues exposed, whilst parenthood also beckons for the newly-weds – perhaps a sign as to what the next book might be about?

Another enjoyable read awaits any who like to have a positive Christian portrayal for a change. 

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Article published May 2023