Mwana Media works at reaching children through the media.  Tommy Time is our children’s puppet TV programme that aims to evangelise the children with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and disciple them in the Word of God. The thirteen episode series has proven to be hugely popular after being broadcast on the national broadcasting stations in Zimbabwe and Zambia.  The second series is almost complete and a Swahili and Shona version of the programme is being developed.

Mwana Mission seeks to train and equip Sunday School teachers and work alongside local churches in running weekly after school clubs.  These clubs run in high-density communities where the effects of extreme poverty – malnutrition, disease, HIV, poor facilities and standards of education – hamper children’s normal development. In order to equip Sunday School teachers, Mwana Mission has developed a Sunday School teachers resource called God’s Talk Time.  This multimedia resource combines two DVD’s of Tommy Time with 26 correlating lessons that any Sunday School teacher can easily teach.

Mwana Action is committed to supporting orphaned and vulnerable children get an education. Mwana Ministries gives ten percent of its income directly to Mwana Action. Mwana currently provides funding for school fees and school uniforms for 8 children in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Find out more about Mwana ministries and how you can support this great work by clicking on the link below.


Janey Mukomba is the founder of Mwana Ministries. She is a member at TCF and a valued partner in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the world.  TCF has strong links with Mwana Ministries. A number of members are Trustees of the charity and the Church family provides prayer support and financial support to Janey and her husband Evans in their ministry.

Here is a little about Mwana.

Mwana Ministries is a Scottish Charity that seeks to improve the lives of children in Africa by reaching them with the good news of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities for furthering their education. The three arms of the charity includes Mwana Media, Mwana Mission and Mwana Action.