After several months of searching for a Pastoral Worker, a new post for Tayside Christian Fellowship, we are delighted to announce the appointment in March this year of Jacob Marker.

He and his wife Lyndsay moved to Perth from Wick last month so we thought we would at least let them unpack the boxes before asking them to introduce themselves!

What were you and Lyndsay doing in Wick before joining the TCF family?

 Jacob:  This past year I have been working between two roles, one as a children and families worker with the Salvation Army, and the other as a caretaker and resident supply preacher with Lybster Free Church of Scotland.

Lyndsay: I have been studying an HND in Equine Studies and have also started my own business offering equine care services, as well as being involved with the Free Church in Lybster and helping at some of the Salvation Army youth clubs in Wick.

What attracted you to the role of Pastoral Worker?

In the last 7 years I have been involved in some capacity with church work and have sensed a ‘call’ into pastoral ministry, though I have never been exactly certain of what that would look like.

A previous stint with TCF allowed us to get to know the congregation a wee bit and through several meetings with Pastor Jim I was open to the idea of working with TCF in some way in the future.   I wasn’t convinced I would be offered such a role so shortly after!

I have a heart for seeing Christians grow in their faith and offering support to those who are struggling.   Having the opportunity of being part of a vibrant worshipping community also attracted me to this role.

Now that you have settled in, what are your first impressions of TCF?

A family that loves Jesus, a diverse community of people, a collective of worshipping hearts and a gathering of saints communicating the Good News with our communities.

Is it too early to ask what you hope to focus on in the first 6 to 12 months?

I think initially it will be a case of getting to know people and forming relationships.  I am especially looking forward to working alongside existing ministries in the church – in the short term, encouraging and supporting those involved in YF and the Young Adults team, as well as being a pastoral support to those in the wider TCF family.

There is always more to people than just the job they do.  So what three subjects might people ask that reveals more about both you and Lyndsay?  Teasers are all we need for now as we will find out more in conversation!

Jacob: JDM cars, food, and sustainable tourism

Lyndsay: Animals, walking and napping!


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Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash