Sunday Services

We generally meet for two services on a Sunday.

11am Family Service

A service with a planned programme for all ages. The time is an opportunity to praise God in song, listen to teaching from God’s Word, and hear more about what is happening in the church and from those we support at home and abroad. The service also includes Sunday School for primary school aged children to explore the Bible and understand what it means, and how it is relevant for us all today. The service aims to finish at 12.15pm with tea and coffee afterwards.

6pm Communion Service

An combination of teaching from God’s Word and unstructured open worship including communion. For anyone who wants to inspire and encourage, through a hymn, prayer, a reading from the Bible, thoughts from God’s Word, or sharing what God is doing or has done in their lives. The service aims to finish by 7.15pm.

You can find more information about our programme on Sundays and other events here


Photo by Arthur Miranda on Unsplash