What a Year! AGM Report

What a year!

It’s at the beginning of a new calendar year that most people take the opportunity to review the last 12 months before making resolutions for the coming year.  Well there is another opportunity to do exactly the same as members of TCF found out at their recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June.

If attendance was a measure of a healthy church committed to learning, improving and growing together, then the turnout, more than double that attended last year’s AGM, was extremely encouraging for the year ahead.

It is impossible to cover everything in this feature but what we can do is give you just a taste of the highlights from the last year and what TCF is already planning for the coming months.

Flash back

The audience was reminded about: our baptism and marriage courses, our on-going discipleship theme central to our preaching this year, the new appointments of our pastoral worker and new leadership team for Little Angels for pre-school children and their carers, the encouraging development plans for our youth fellowship and young adult teams, results of the extensive church survey run just after last year’s AGM, our teaching and preaching 5 year plan to cover the whole bible, the range of speakers who have preached at TCF, the packed out John Veira concert, the Perth Ladies Christian Conference hosted by TCF,  the new ministry for evangelism and social action, the appointment of a new elder and our keen interest in global missions particularly in Hungary, Africa and India, as well as involvement with numerous local initiatives.

Looking Ahead

Just some of the highlights discussed, in no particular order:

  • Sundays over the summer will follow our usual format of early communion at 9.45am and an all-age family service at 11am. Our theme over the summer is Elijah and Elisha. Find more details here.
  • Beyond the summer we will look at Isaiah Servant Songs and 1 Timothy at the family services. Hosea and Acts 12 – 28 are the scriptures for the evening communion services.  We will also be continuing with extended open worship services on the first Sunday of each month.
  • Andy Bannister, Jim Turrent, Craig Dyer and Gavin Matthews are all arranged to speak at October to December 2019 services.
  • TCF will commit to the national ‘Try Praying’ initiative to promote a more prayer filled life within the church and as a useful resource for evangelism. The launch is likely to be during September’s Vision weekend.
  • We also look forward to joining with other local churches in the launch of a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Centre for Perth, in the autumn months. Our volunteers will be trained as befrienders and be involved in the debt coaching and money courses which are planned.
  • TCF has also been identified by Perth Council as a church which may be able to support the local Footwise Initiative, providing basic podiatry care to the elderly, disabled, and those that would not be able to afford private podiatry. Volunteers are currently coming forward.
  • The annual church weekend away will be based at TCF this coming year. New plans will be announced soon.
  • Plans for building works were explained with a commitment at the same time to Mwana Ministries reciprocal giving commitment to assist in their much needed new build programme.
  • It was also announced that TCF is keen to hold another Jonathan Veira concert and discussions to agree a date have started. This was a hugely inspirational and entertaining sell-out last year ….so watch this space!

It was a late night at the church but it seemed everyone agreed that it’s good to look back, exciting to look forward and be re-assured that TCF is holding true to its vision: “Together we worship Jesus and communicate His love in all we do and say”.

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Photo by Fauzan Ardhi on Unsplash